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Opor Chicken Recipe

Opor Chicken Recipes Delicious - Delicious Chicken Recipes Opor has become one of the dishes that It is appropriate Housewives master so that when I want to make Chicken Recipes Opor no more difficult for you to membuatnya.Bisanya Opor chicken recipe is a Identical to the cuisine's Day today Great, Especially As Lebaran. Curious Let Kaji More in Tasty Chicken Recipes Opor this one.
Delicious Chicken Recipes Opor addition, we also have to give some special recipes that serundeng Recipes Peanut, Well let's get on with it for those of you who are very curious about Tasty Chicken Recipes Opor this one, simply let us look at the Downstairs.
Tasty Chicken Recipes Opor
Opor Chicken Cooking Ingredients:

• 1 whole chicken being
• 1 liter of coconut milk diluted
• 1/2 liters of thick coconut milk
• 1 stick Sere crushed
• 2 sheets of leaf greeting
• 2 pieces of kaffir lime leaves
Spices that are: • 8 pieces of red onion • 4 cloves garlic • 1 tsp Coriander • 1/2 tsp Cumin • 1/2 finger galangal • 5 pieces of pecan • Pepper, salt and sugar to taste

How to Make Chicken Opor: 1. Chicken cleaned, cut into pieces according to taste, wash and clean. 2. Sauté the crushed spices until it smells fragrant, add the bay leaves, and give a little sere vitsin. 3. Chicken desired, stir until smooth, allow to wilt, add thin coconut milk. 4. After a somewhat receding add coconut milk, when it appointed a new tender. 5. To cook opor a material should be used or not stenlis fade, because herbs that we use is white.

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