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Chicken Satay Seasoning Soy Sauce

Chicken satay, who is not familiar with this one special food. Distinctive flavor and the taste is sweet, spicy, and chewy makes this dish very popular, particularly in our country. For some people believed satay is perfect when consumed by people with low blood, especially goat satay. This myth has been grown since ancient times.

This one is a chicken as a main ingredient. In addition, the material is also used in making this chicken satay is the sweet soy sauce, garlic, onion, chilli, lime leaves, salt and so forth. It goes without Berma-long, we just read how to make it

Ingredients cuisine:

     Boneless chicken skin as much as 1 kg cut into dice box.
     Lemon juice 2 (two pieces)
     Soy sauce 150 mL (one hundred and fifty milli liter)

Ingredients for peanut sauce:

     Garlic 4 (four) cloves
     Soy sauce as much as 100 ml (one hundred milli liter)
     Red pepper 2 (two pieces)
     Fried peanuts as much as 250 grams (two hundred and fifty grams)
     Red onion 5 (five cloves)
     As much as 2 pieces of orange leaves
     Water 500 ml (five hundred milliliters)
     salt to taste

How to make satay seasoning:

     Onion, garlic, salt, peanuts, and red pepper mixed together and smoothed.
     Then add the soy sauce, lime leaves, and water. Cook until done and out of oil.

How to make Chicken Satay Seasoning Soy Sauce:

     Chicken pierced with a skewer. Each tusuknya contains 5-6 pieces of meat.
     Marinate with soy sauce and peanut sauce until evenly distributed.
     Then baked in the coals of charcoal that has been prepared, be inverted to change color. When satenya half-baked, do not forget to give a little spice and soy sauce again, if it is ripe removed.
     You can also add the lemon juice, watered on the skewers. Plus a cucumber that has been mixed with chopped onions and cayenne pepper as lalapnya.
     Serve, pour the peanut sauce that was made earlier.

nah easy right way to make Chicken Satay Seasoning Soy Sauce. Congratulations try

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