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Delicius Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a food that is in every region in the country of Indonesia. The taste of chicken soup and also display in each area are also very different. But basically the material and also how to make the chicken soup together. There is only additional material and also how to cook a little different so that many kinds of chicken soup. And if you are interested to learn how to make savory and delicious chicken soup you can try the following recipe chicken soup.

 Recipes and Ingredients Make Chicken Soto

     1 whole chicken
     200 grams bean sprouts / sprouts (boiled briefly)
     200 grams of cabbage / cabbage
     50 grams glass noodles (soaked in hot water)
     2 tomatoes
     4 pieces of potatoes (can be boiled / fried)
     3 pieces of boiled egg
     2 liters of water
     Fried onions to taste

Materials mashed

     5 grams of turmeric
     15 grams of ginger
     3 spring onions
     2 cloves of garlic
     4 pieces of hazelnut
     2 tablespoons salt
     ½ teaspoon pepper

How to Make Chicken Soto Savory and Delicious

  1.  Saute the spices are already in puree until fragrant exit
  2.  Boil the chicken in the pot along with the herbs that have been in stir-fry 
  3.  Then add the ginger, bay leaves, lime leaves and lemon grass leaves into the chicken stew Cook about 30 minutes until the chicken becomes tender  
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste into the sauce chicken stew  
  5. Once the chicken meat is quite tender, remove the chicken meat from the bones, then return the bones to  the broth in the pan
  6. Add green onion pieces and wait until the sauce boils.  
  7. While waiting for the sauce to boil. Prepare cabbage, glass noodles, bean sprouts, sliced ​​potatoes, sliced ​​egg, tomatoes and chicken meat that has been shredded into a serving bowl  
  8. Then after that flush ingredients in a bowl with the cooked soto
    To decorate the chicken soup to make it look tempting and beautiful, with a sprinkling of fried onions can and lemon slices on it to suit your taste 
  9.  And a special chicken soup is ready to serve

Chicken soup is savory and delicious and fresh sauce is perfect enjoyed while still warm. Especially if the weather is rainy, it will definitely feel good once ate chicken soup special with family. And it was a bit of a recipe and how to make savory and delicious chicken soup. You can try it at home as a breakfast menu, good luck and good luck.

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